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The Art of Authenticity

Mar 14, 2019

On the show today we are joined by Dr. Frankie Bashan, psychologist, matchmaker and relationship guru! She has over 20 years of experience working with couples and individuals and has managed to find her calling and passion in a life devoted to helping others to find love. Her company, Little Gay Book, serves the...

Feb 13, 2019

In this episode of the Art of Authenticity we are joined by the wonderful Jacqueline Sinclair! Jacqueline is the Artist Director at Joel Hall Dancers in Chicago and has pursued a life in dance as long as she can remember. We chat all about her journey to this point and the decisions she made along the way that have...

Jan 20, 2019

Leadership Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, Positive Psychology Researcher. Neil Pasricha helps people live happy lives.

He is a top-rated leadership keynote speaker, New York Times bestselling author, and positive psychology researcher focused on the relationship between happiness and leadership in business.


Jan 10, 2019

In this episode of the Art of Authenticity, we are joined by Paul Jarvis, the author of the new book, Company of One. Paul has worked for himself and by himself for the last twenty years and is a strong believer that smaller businesses are the way of the future.

His writing has been talked about by everyone from 

May 15, 2018

Today on the show we are joined by Nadja Pinnavaia, founder of Euphebe Healthcare. She is here to talk to us about how we can really change our lives by the way we eat. Prior to founding Euphebe, Nadja was an undergraduate student in Chemistry from King’s London College. She gained her Ph.D in Quantum Chemistry from...