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The Art of Authenticity

Apr 28, 2016

Want to feel happier? Self-love, self- acceptance is necessary. How to look within without being swallowed up by by the inner judge. 

Apr 26, 2016

Brian Coe - co-founder of LithoLink, CEO - discusses insights into the world of leadership. Being a CEO stems from really knowing yourself, and Brian suggests ways to learn how to figure out who you are so you can lead from a place of real self-empowerment. Brian is a true strategic CEO (and my brother and...

Apr 21, 2016

Everyone wants to feel empowered, yet most of us don't notice that we are the reason we feel disempowered. Our emotional states are dependent on the thoughts we tell ourselves. Find more confidence and empower your life. 

Apr 20, 2016

Leader, CEO and Adventurer, Greg Nance. Have you ever wondered if you could run a marathon? What about 8 marathons back-to-back? How about completing the last 3 with a sprained knee? These are just a few of the things Greg willingly signed up for and completed. Hear his story on what inspires these adventures and what...

Apr 14, 2016

Learn the ancient technique of pranayama, breathe + life force =  instant space. This is a technique you can practice in the car, the bus, on a walk, or sitting at your desk to quickly reduce stress and improve your mood.