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The Art of Authenticity

Jun 28, 2016

Charlie Gilkey is the host of Creative Giants Podcast. His work is dedicated to the power of action. Charlie loves a great idea, but he advocates that ideas are not what counts, what counts is getting the work done. Are you thinking of taking action? Charlie is all about the power of getting started and completing what...

Jun 23, 2016

Kids, House, Jobs. It can all feel like too much a lot of the time. I went back over all the interviews to hear what our experts do to keep it all together on a daily basis. Best tips for you on today's episode. 


Jun 21, 2016

John Warrillow is the founder of the Value Builder System and the author of the bestselling book, Built To Sell: Creating a business that can thrive without you. It was recognized by both Fortune and Inc. as one of the best business books in 2011. After that, John went on and wrote a book called The Automatic...

Jun 14, 2016

Jake Ducey comes on the show to talk about how courage isn't the absence of fear it is our ability to stand next to it. And how most stress comes from our unwillingness to fully express ourselves, our real desires. Author of The Purpose Principle and How to profit from Happiness, Jake Ducey at 24 shares insights that I...

Jun 9, 2016

How many lists do you have? Do you feel stressed before you even start your day? Do you feel like you can't get ahead? This is for you!