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The Art of Authenticity

Oct 12, 2017

Today I wanted to take a moment to reply to a guy named Jim Howard who reached out, he listens to the show. Hey Jim, if you’re out there, thank you very much for not only reaching out but for following up and giving me the opportunity to speak about your comments in this show.

I had done an episode, if you guys didn’t check it out, it was about whether or not authenticity, finding your true self can be seen as being self-absorbed, right? Am I just being selfish and self- absorbed and asking all these questions about myself and who I am and what I want? A lot of my clients struggle with that. They ask themselves that question, they sometimes feel as if it’s too much to ask or something like that.

So Jim wrote me in reply to that and his thoughts were so beautiful and thought-provoking that I wanted to share a few of them with you and reply to them. So here we go.