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The Art of Authenticity

Oct 5, 2017

We have been throwing around different ideas of what to chat about and the topic that came to mind was something that I think so many of us struggle with. I know I have and some of my clients talk to me about this. Mike, I'm sure you've seen this many, many times, but this question of talents and being talented, bringing those talents out into the world. The question is when I am a talented person who is higher functioning in a bunch of areas but I have no interest in doing it, I have a kind of I don't care mentality or you get into an existential, like what does it mean, who cares, forget it. That mindset kicks in and years go by, sometimes a lifetime goes by and you don't want to jump in and many people talk about it in terms of fear. You don't want to fear failure. You're afraid of following your passions. I thought we could break it down a little further today.