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The Art of Authenticity

Sep 12, 2017

On the show today we welcome Elizabeth DiAlto. Known for her raw and honest approach to body love and self-acceptance, Liz is a speaker, writer, coach and the creator of Wild Soul Movement, a sensual practice in self-discovery that combines movement, mantra, and meditation. Her mission is to get women out of their heads and into their bodies to connect with and balance their powerful energy and trust their intuition. Liz works with large groups of women virtually through her 16-week Wild Soul Movement experience, and more intimately through one-on-one coaching, live training intensives, and retreats. She also runs the 3500+ strong Soul Movement Salon, a private Facebook group for professional women, moms, entrepreneurs, and singles to reclaim and redefine womanhood.

In today’s episode, Elizabeth delivers the same level of real grounded, honest, raw, connected advice and thoughts about her own experiences and what she understands about how to un-tame yourself, how to bring yourself forward and really lead from that deeper self. We also hear all about her book, Untame Yourself. Keep listening to hear more!