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The Art of Authenticity

Mar 21, 2017

Today on the podcast we have Jared Angaza joining us. Jared and I was introduced a few weeks ago and since then, I have to say, he is somebody I would consider a friend. We just hit it off right off the bat and I think when you hear this episode you’ll know why.

Jared is a strategist and a philanthropist, and has created strategies, brands, and campaigns and events for 20 years. The thing that is super cool about Jared is that he really believes in creating brands with soul. He feels strongly that there should be something called “conscious philanthropy” and “brand alchemy” present within every brand. He definitely takes this idea of brand and how to imagine the possibilities of identity and experience to a totally different level.

Jared is also the coauthor of the book, Wisdom Meets Passion, that he wrote with his father and bestselling author, Dan Miller. Overall, Jared is super creative, he is a very interesting guy, who has traveled the world and I just loved talking to him. We have a mutual passion for authenticity, so we had a great discussion. Definitely have a listen, and let me know what you think.