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The Art of Authenticity

Jun 6, 2017

Today we have Joseph Wilner joining us. Joseph is a licensed therapist and a life coach who also happens to be a drummer. When he turned 30 years old, Joe decided to honor a life-long passion of mine and commit to becoming a professional drummer.Although this may seem like an unorthodox career transition, he has decided that despite all the time and effort he put into going to school and following the path and making money and setting up a private practice, he needed to listen to that deep intuition and calling he felt within him to honor his dream of being a drummer, so he join the band, Yes You Are.

Joe shares amazing advice for those of you who are trying to get yourself to a new place, figure out what your dreams are, follow up on those dreams, and do what it is that you feel is deep in your heart and meaningful to you. If you just want to hear an awesome story of somebody who took the leap, I know you are going to enjoy today’s show.