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The Art of Authenticity

Aug 15, 2017

On today’s episode we have the ultra-spiritual, JP Sears. JP is an emotional healing coach, a viral YouTuber, author, international teacher and speaker, and is releasing a book called How To Be Ultra-Spiritual: 12 ½ Steps to a Spiritual Superiority. JP uses humor and satire, to poke fun at “being spiritual” in the modern world.

The Awaken With JP YouTube channel has accumulated over a hundred million views and as I’m sure you can imagine JP is fun, hilarious, and full of jokes. But don’t be too quick to judge his flowery exterior. JP is extremely thoughtful, perceptive, has a sincere depth of understanding about these topics and wants to help people lead their most fulfilling life. On today’s show, we talk about fear, failure, embracing shame, and ultimately living a more authentic spiritual life. Take a listen! (It really is ultra-spiritual).