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The Art of Authenticity

May 13, 2019

Michelle Lederman has just released her new book The Connector’s Advantage: 7 Mindsets to Grow Your Influence and Impact. Named by Forbes as one of the 25 networking experts to watch. She’s a former NYU professor who has since made her mark as an accomplished speaker, trainer, coach and, of course, esteemed author. Her passion is really to help individuals and organizations build better relationships and achieve greater results through her company, Executive Essentials. Michelle has worked with an array of big-name organizations of all kinds, has been featured in The New York Times, and she’s here today to advise us on implementing the most important networking skills that she has learned over the years. Michelle shares with us what it means to be a connector, the different type of connectors, how we are to approach our networks and the mindsets that are required to become better at relationships on all levels. This thought-provoking conversation is guaranteed to pique your interest, so don’t miss out on this one!