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The Art of Authenticity

Aug 29, 2017

On today’s show we are joined by Andrew Taggart. Andrew is a practical philosopher and entrepreneur who I happened to discover in an article in Quartz Magazine. Andrew teaches executives, leaders, artists and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, and around the world, to bring philosophy to business and to their lives. Andrew teaches individuals and organizations how to inquire into the things that matter most: like how to live life and how to find that deeper sense of fulfillment and purpose?

In this episode we learn more about the unique approach Andrew has cultivated into what he calls practical philosophy. With a PhD in philosophy Andrew is able to bring all sorts of different philosophical schools of thought to the table but most of all, he’s just really interested in helping people live the greatest life that they can. What is a good life, how do you cultivate that, what does it mean to have a life with inquiry, what does that mean for each and every person? These are the questions of questions and if you’re interested to know how we can incorporate philosophy into our modern, every day lives, take a listen!