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The Art of Authenticity

Sep 15, 2016

Today's episode features selections from my interview with Dr. Shefali on child rearing and conscious parenting. It was such an honor to have her on the show and I wanted to bring up the point that I thought was just so powerful, so meaningful, it has blown me away.

It's something I’ve been thinking about ever since we talked. She says that we - to survive - abandon our true selves.

These projected images that our parents put on us (or we put on our children) unintentionally causes us to never develop our true skin, our true selves. So we wonder why we can’t decide on dinner, we can’t decide where to live, what to do with our lives in a way that feels completely at peace within ourselves. It’s because we haven’t found that deeper self so we don’t know how to say yes and we don’t know how to say no to the things that we want or don’t want in our lives.

Thank you for listening to this episode - I think you'll get a lot out of it.