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The Art of Authenticity

Feb 28, 2017

Today we have Jeff Brown on the podcast. Jeff is a podcaster, mentor, and speaker. He has shared his insights with people around the world on leadership, professional development, productivity, entrepreneurship, and many more things. Jeff is actually a 26 year veteran in the radio industry and even co-hosted an award-winning nationally syndicated morning show from 2002 to 2008.

Jeff is the podcast host of the very successful podcast, Read to Lead, where he has interviewed so many amazing authors, dove into their book ideas, and broken them down step by step. On his show, you can hear firsthand from those authors what they were thinking and get the cliff notes version of the books with the actual author explaining it, taking you through their book and the journey as a major added bonus.

Jeff was also a consultant, and he talks to people about how to create a podcast. He helped me early on and he is just a really great guy. Jeff has recently launched a new Read to Lead group membership where they read books and they meet to talk about the books and set goals to actually implement all the advice that the books suggest, to see the results in their own lives.