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The Art of Authenticity

Aug 22, 2017

Today on the show we have Mark Lunkach. Mark is the author of international bestseller, My Lovely Wife in the Psyche Ward: a vulnerable personal story inspired by his wife Julia. Mark and Julia fell madly in love at 18, they got married and started living their dream in San Francisco. But some years later, Julia unexpectedly had a psychotic break, which landed her in a psyche ward for nearly a month and over the next few years, they both struggled with what was bipolar, depression, suicide and a lot of uncertainty and difficulty in their life and in their marriage.

Mark managed his feelings by writing this book, My Lovely Wife in the Psyche Ward and above all, it is a conversation about loyalty, love, commitment and how to handle the challenges of mental illness, which many people struggle to talk about. In today’s episode mark shares his authentic story; delving deep into the gift of vulnerability, the resentments of caregiving, and ultimately the perseverance of love. Take a listen to this compelling conversation.