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The Art of Authenticity

Jul 13, 2020

Love is a state. It is an offering of the self at the highest level. We ask back from love and we are disappointed. We love. We give our love. Love comes back because someone loves and gives love. The desire to take love back and get love creates tension. 

Give love. And receive it when it is offered. Separate the gift of love from the offering of love. Give love as much as you can. It doesn’t run dry. Receive love when it is offered. 

You offer your love. Someone doesn’t use it or value it or care for it. It is no longer yours when you give it to someone else. It is now theirs. The love is exhaled into the world and new love is always returned. Whoever inhaled the love you released is now the owner of that love, but it is like counting molecules in the air and claiming which ones belong to you and which ones belong to another. They all belong to the divine. Air is infinite, and so is love. They may not treat the love they received with joy or value, but that reflects their own relationship to love. It is not a reflection of the love you offered to them, just a reflection on how they experience love. If they love themselves a little, they will accept the love you offer a little. If they don’t love themselves at all, well then, they will throw away “your love,” but know it is not yours. Love belongs to the universe. It is within us; it is us; and it will always be. It is not my love and your love; it is simply love.