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The Art of Authenticity

Dec 21, 2016

So this episode is really dedicated to Jeff Goins. He’s a writer. If you haven’t checked out his website, millions of people have gone over there, gotten benefit. He is one of the people who influenced me early on when I was stepping out into writing, blogging, and this whole space, somebody who really inspired me.

Jeff and I jumped on the call to record the episode that came out this summer, I think in August and he really struck a chord. Because do you ever look around in your life and think, “Life isn’t bad. I really shouldn’t complain. I have more than most people do, right? I am fine.”

But even as you’re thinking those thoughts, there’s an itch underneath the surface, a craving for life filled with more meaning and happiness. But when you try to scratch that itch, it causes so much anxiety and overwhelm to figure out what it is that you just ignore it and you go back into shoving it into the recesses of your mind because the truth is, as much as you might have read, as much education as you may have, as much success as you may have had in your life, you just can’t figure out what the problem is.

So Jeff came on the show and he talked about how he in fact was in that very position. He was the director of marketing. Nothing was particularly wrong with his life. But he came on to explain that even though nothing was really wrong, he had this nagging feeling that he had to address and this lead to a life he loved.

Follow that itch and make your personal dream a reality